Chris Matthews: Always classy

I don’t watch Hardball, so I had no idea that Chris Matthews was ranting about gun control last night – not even waiting until the bodies were cold before dancing in the blood.  However, a friend of mine emailed this quote from last night’s show, proving once again that Chris Matthews is, well, an idiot:

“It’s easier to get your hands on a gun than to get somebody to make you a waffle.”

Really, Chris? You’re telling me that when Rush Limbaugh gets his minions to drive his Jabba the Hutt sail-barge over to Waffle House that he has to fill out a federal form, submit to a criminal background check, and in some states undergo a three day waiting period before he can eat his waffle?

You’re telling me that when you decide to go slumming with the plebes at IHOP for some American/Belgian Waffles, that if you’re in Virginia you can only have one waffle a month?

Look, we all know that Chris Matthews is an idiot, but come on. You can’t let incredibly retarded statements like that fly without pointing out the utter ludicrousness of them; somewhere someone heard that and actually believed it, hence why it has to be challenged. Although I guess on the flipside, if someone is watching MSNBC and actually believes the stuff that Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and that harpy Rachel Maddow say, they’re probably too far gone to help anyway.


  1. I didn’t watch the show, but could he be referring to private sales or sales at gun shows? Those don’t always have the same requirements as purchasing from a dealer. It’s still a laughable comparison, especially when one tries to imagine defending themselves with a waffle.

  2. Unless it is a non dealer state resident selling to another state resident. Individual states may have laws regarding this, but not all of them do.

    I agree that his comparison is nonsense. The easiest legal way to obtain a firearm would be through a private sale via classified ads or knowing someone who is privately selling their firearm. Even in that scenario, I am supposed to fill our a form to transfer ownership in my state.

    I would have to say that getting someone from IHOP to make me waffles sounds way easier. Besides, IHOP takes credit and debit!

  3. People who enjoy the gun hobby or those who value their liberty should be encouraged to watch MSNBC for a few hours. It’s not just Chrissy ‘tingle my leg’ Matthews, but the entire cast, day or night, who espouse every loony left idea that some freak runs up the flagpole. They absolutly trash any person who minght think it’s not a good idea to marry your favorite goat or continue to exist without a southern border. These people are the most dangerous people we have ever faced in America.If we don’nt start getting active and agressive in our responce, it will soon be too late!

  4. “The government should’nt control any gun that you don’t need a trailer hitch to move.”……Pat Buchanan

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