We're winning, they're losing

So now “the real work begins”, according to Task Force 20/20.  The 2009 Shooting Sports Summit in Floriday wrapped up recently with the overal goal of growing participation in the shooting sports by 20% in the next five years.  I’m actually disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend, as I’m literally buried under five different projects right now and just wasn’t able to make a trip to Florida.

One of the big “talking points” at the recent Summit was the integration of new media in to promoting the shooting sports – you’ve already begun to see that with efforts like NRA’s outreach to bloggers, the NRABlog, Ruger taking a huge online marketing presence, etc – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  It’s my personal hope to see more and more industry reaching out to new media; and not just for selfish reasons either.  I truly believe that the upcoming generation of shooters, the people that we need if we want our sports to prosper are found almost entirely online.  I also believe that the aforementioned generation of shooters acquires a tremendous portion of their information from online sources as well, which means to get their all important shooting dollar, you need to be where they are…on Facebook.

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