Unofficial Revolver Championship Results

For those that don’t follow the ICORE scene, the International Revolver Championship (IRC) was this weekend at my favorite range in the world, the Hogue Action Pistol Range, which is smack in between Morro Bay, CA and San Luis Obispo, CA.  I checked Julie Golob’s blog this morning, and she had an unofficial table of results up from the match up…and let’s just say that Team S&W did well.  Of course, by “doing well” I mean “sweeping every major awards category”.

Overall & Open Division Champion – Jerry Miculek
Limited Division Champion – John Bagakis
Lady Limited Champion – Annette Aysen
Lady Open Champion – Julie Golob
Senior Champion – Elliot Aysen
IDPA Champion – Craig Buckland
Open Shoot Off Champion – Jerry Miculek
Limited Shoot Off Champion – John Bagakis

I’d call that a pretty good weekend for Team Smith & Wesson.  Congratulations to Julie and the rest of the team!

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  1. Yay John Bagakis! I shall congratulate him the next time I saunter into my favorite gun shop, J&R Sports Supply in sunny Livermore CA, where he’s often found working behind the counter. Of course some of his awesomeness rubs off onto you with every gun purchase.

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