Knife Fight!

It seems like the Obama adminisitration is trying to reclassify a “switchblade” as essentially any knife that can be opened with one hand.  Which would make well, all of my knives switchblades.  I’m so happy to see that while the type of tool they’re trying to ban isn’t guns this time, that the method of banning them by changing the definition still remains the same.

This really isn’t any different than the whole “assault weapon” meme that is often repeated.  You have an imaginary definition that covers a whole class of tools that you don’t like, then you simply ban things that meet your entirely made up definition.  Whether that definition is “switchblade” or “assault knife” or “muder-stabber” doesn’t make a difference; all that really matters is (to them) is that you don’t get to have one.

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  1. Even though I already posted about this, I just realized my Leatherman would probably qualify as a ‘switchblade”.

    I specifically bought a model I could open with one hand as it seems I always need a tool I don’t have when I can’t let go of whatever needs wrenching or cutting..

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