Did you hear?

Apparently, this past weekend in Indianapolis there was a man with a gun in The Rathskellar, a popular bar and restaurant. Eye-witnesses described the man as “just a regular guy” and had “no idea” he was carry a small pistol for the entire evening. According to reports, the man spent the evening listening to the band and conversing with, until he left at approximately 0100. No injuries were reported, as though by some force the man was able to resist the magical forces that will so go into play in Tennessee – the magic that when you put a law abiding gun owner in a room with alcohol, a BLOODBATH is the only possible result.

Yes, that was me in the Rathskellar, and yes I was packing, and no, I wasn’t drinking. I was the DD, so I was also carrying.


  1. Around here we refer to that as being the “Designated Shooter.” ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Aren’t large swaths of Tennessee dry anyway, making the point moot in a lot of places?

  3. But, see, if you were to bring that gun into Tennessee, it would immediately make you into a raving madman, hell-bent on death and destruction!

  4. Arenโ€™t large swaths of Tennessee dry anyway, making the point moot in a lot of places?

    Jesus, the ideas people have up here…

    1) Tennessee has six dry counties. Out of 95.
    2) Banjo is not taught in middle school.
    3) Most Tennesseans actually own more than one pair of shoes.
    4) They do let us women vote.


  5. Hey, cut me some slack. My Mom’s from southern Kentucky, and Kentucky does have large swaths that are dry!

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