Things I like

Look, a list!  Aside from the fact that me writing lists is a sure sign that I can’t think of anything good to blog about (but man is there some good stuff in the works), it’s also fun.  So here are 5 gun related items that will always fill me with delight.

1.  Commander sized 1911s.
I don’t know what it is about this, but for whatever reason, it’s just about the perfect size for a carry or competition sized gun. I shoot my LTC (a commander sized 1911 in 9mm) better than I shoot my double stack 9mm, or my single stack full size .45. I like the 4.25 inch barrel, because it “feels” like it points a little bit faster from target to target for me.

2. Fiber optic sights
Oh dear, this is kind of a sure sign that I like playing games with my guns. The thing about fiber optic sights is that I only want the front post to have a fiber in it, the back sight I want to be all black. But with a front fiber and a black rear sight, you get a great, fast sight picture.

3. Defensive shotguns from the factory with good sights
The best example I can think of this off the top of my head is the Benelli Nova pump gun, which comes from the factory with excellent ghost ring sights.

4. Really nice gun leather.
Sure, I only use Blackhawk! CQC holsters for competition, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the fancy leather rigs. If we lived in a world where open carry was the norm, the first thing I’d do would be order a western style 1911 rig from Mernickle to carry a stainless Commander sized 1911 in .38 Super.

5. Pictures of shooters with brass in the air.
What can I say, I like shiny stuff.

Okay, now you tell me yours!


  1. Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…

    For me, the only thing that really gets my tail wagging is a battle-hardened C&R.

  2. I like:

    1. Firearm & Carry podcasts.

    2. Practical shooting as much as I can afford to.

    3. IPSC/IDPA YouTube videos.

    4. Shows. I’ll be looking forward to Tom Gresham’s “Guns and Gear” on FoxSports this July.

  3. 1. The CZ75.

    2. The firearms community.

    3. Knowing that if the worst should happen, I may be able to come out of it alive.

    4. The Remington 870.

    5. Having a sport/hobby I can share with my sons and heirlooms I can pass on to them which may one day save their lives.

  4. If you like the Commander size in 9mm, try a Star BM. Truely one of my favorites.

    1. Full Ammo Boxes

    2. Garands

    3. J Frames

    4. The smell of Shooter’s Choice in the morning

    5.Did I mention Garands

  5. 1. Full-size 1911s (not to be contrary to your five; really though, I’m a fan of the 5″ barrel.)
    2. CT grips
    3. RAILFARMS. (if Ikea made firearms, they would be COVERED with Piccy ladders)
    4. The satisfying disintegration of a clay pigeon when hit just right.
    5. High quality training. Expensive as hell (doubly so when you factor in the cost of all the ammo), but what better way to spend 2, 3, or 5 days in the sun?

    Bonus Answer: 2A-friendly single women.

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