Blood soaked pubs!

I’ve been following Uncle’s coverage of the “Guns in Bars” bill in Tennessee, and was quite pleased to see that the TN House and Senate overrode the Governor’s veto, which means that law abiding citizens in the state of Tennessee will be allowed to carry their legally concealed firearms in establishments that serve alcohol.  The bill does make it illegal to consume alcohol and pack at the same time, which is a “common sense” prohibition that I generally support, especially if it’s what we’ve got to do to get carry laws expanded.

Of course, the other side is in the usual predictable hysterics over the whole thing, predicting that bars and clubs are going to turn into blood spattered recreactions of the OK Corral, or some such silliness.  Tam quite accurately mentions that Indiana allows bar carry (in fact, there are few places where Indiana specifically prohibits concealed carry), and yet aside from Pacers players (who didn’t have permits, btw) no one is shooting up bars around here.

Of course, none of that matters.  Someday, maybe when I’m old and gray, I’ll be able to divorce myself from logic long enough to think like an anti-gun advocate…but probably not.  See, in the universe that I occupy, murdering folk, brandishing firearms, and all that stuff that they’re worried about is still illegal


  1. Missouri also allows carry in establishments where the sale of food generates more than 50% of the restaurant’s revenue. Still no carry in bars—nor in sports stadiums with a seating capacity greater than 10,000.

    I’ve never been able to understand the logic of that last restriction.

  2. The PSH in the local Memphis media is LOUD, too. Before this last legislative session, I could open carry in a supermarket and not get a second look. Now, I’m worried about starting a stampede with a Team Glock backpack.

  3. Jose, you’re not the only one. I was thinking, hell, i THOUGHT she moved out…

  4. I keep reading these types of articles, and especially the comment threads, to see if there is ever a new idea expressed by the anti-rights bigots who want to ban guns.

    So far, since some commentary during Heller v. DC that brought out fact-based lawyers making arguments based on how the Supreme Court rules on constitutional questions, I have been bitterly disappointed that the same lies, damn lies, and statistics from 1994 onward get thrown around by the anti’s, who apparently are not up to current day on novil legal issues and news events and even medical research in gun rights land.

    I feel like a disappointed Diogenes, for I find no honest person making arguments in anti-gun land.

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