Compare and contrast

Pro-gun groups: using legal channels to address their grievances.

Anti-gun groups: vandalizing and destroying property.

Gun Companies: Donating a portion of their proceeds to fight breast cancer.

Anti-gun lobbying groups: using “donations” to pay the six figure salaries of their officers.

You anti gun guys should do know how to keep it classy.


  1. I’m not sure I get what’s wrong with using money given to a group for operations to pay salaries. Does that mean that NRA can no longer use “donations” to fund operations?

  2. There are plenty of other real examples of the other side behaving badly to use. I just looked at the logic of it and basically you head down the path of saying that no one in ILA deserves a paycheck since they are funded by donors rather than dues. (For that matter, most of the program staff you like are also ultimately funded by donations, too.) It didn’t quite add up.

  3. Yes, because in short, punchy pieces like this I’m going to take the time to differentiate between using donations to pay salaries, and having two employees that both make over 6 figures as your only expense. “Why so serious?”

  4. Given that GOA seems to have absolutely zero actual political victories, and Larry Pratt spends about 95% of his time talking about how bad the NRA is, yeah, I’d say so.


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