1. It’d be even cooler if they had a checkbox you could tick that said “I affirm that I am a simple civilian…

    They’d get a few more kilowatts out of Bill Sr.’s coffin that way. 😀

  2. Clearly, you listened to the Vicious Circle, so clearly your post title is an effort to irritate me. Because clearly, the world revolves around me.

    Seriously, though – it should be “have”, not “of”.

    And 30-round magazines are awesome, I concur.

  3. Finally.

    But for $49.95 apiece?

    Wow. That’s kind of steep for a normal capacity mag for an obsolete, inaccurate rifle that used to be sold at K-Mart, isn’t it?

  4. I cannot see paying that much for a magazine. It’s like the $60 H&K ar mag. Why? Why make it so damn much? For anyone who get a min-14 because it’s cheaper your paying double what an ar mags cost.

  5. The company online store charges full MSRP.

    Street price, Ruger factory Mini-14 mags are indeed more expensive than AR mags, but not that much more.

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