Gun Nuts Radio: The Power is yours!

I never should have used that post title, because now I’ve got the theme song for that godawful propoganda cartoon Captain Planet stuck in my head.  Oh well, on to the business of posting.  You know what?  I had a BLAST on Gun Nuts last night, and you should be able to tell when you click over to download the show.  Special thanks to Lars from NRA’s Media Relations Division for joining us on the show and talking about Camp Perry, Eddie Eagle, and the other programs of NRA.  We had a great time though, talking about blogging, the future of new media and the shooting sports, and new media publishers like you and me can have an impact (that one’s for you, Alan) on the face of the game.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, because you can download the entire episode as an .mp3 right here.

After we bid farewell to Lars, we changed topics to discuss the 7th Circuit’s ruling in the Chicago gun ban lawsuit, where they decided that because they didn’t like incorporation, that the 2nd Amendment wasn’t incorporated to the states.  This means now that we have a split Circuit, as the 9th Circuit ruled that it is incorporated.  We will probably see an appeal to the Supreme Court on the 7th Circuit decision, and I’m not going to lie – that makes me all kinds of nervous.  The 5-4 in Heller isn’t a comfortable enough margin for me to not sweat this case.

We closed out the show with a little levity – reading through my archives, I had found this post that my wife wrote almost a year ago, which is a compilation of things she’s had to say to me during the course of marriage…all related to being my gun nuttery.

You know, as much as I love our downloaders, and the folks who listen to us by subscribing on iTunes, you don’t get the full experience unless you’re listening live and watching the host camera feed.  Last night was Breda’s turn to host, and the folks watching the live feed were treated to her showing off the Garand that she has been loaned.  By all means, keep downloading the show…but listen live!  It’s where the real “Gun Nuts Radio” experience is at.

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