Doing what is right

If the Brady Campaign/VPC are to be believed (which is a poor idea) then America gun companies are populated entirely with soulless monsters looking for ways to profit off the “holocost in our inner cities” or some such nonsense.  Obviously, it’s utter nonsense, but it’s also nice when companies like Smith & Wesson not only disprove such claims, but go the extra mile and design a gun where the proceeds from the sales of that gun will be donated to help the fight against breast cancer.

Smith & Wesson Corp., announced today that the company has made its first quarterly donation to the Massachusetts Affiliation of Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization through proceeds collected from the sale of the M&P9 JG pistol. The funds donated will benefit breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment.

The M&P9 JG is a great gun, by the way.  It’s very similar to the M&P Pro, but with the 4.25 inch barrel.  Plus, in addition to the 3 standard grip inserts, the gun also comes with two pink grip inserts in small and medium sizes.  You know what?  Not only would I use the pink grip insert, I’d shoot it at matches with that in there.

Of course, that gets me away from my main point, which is to congratulate S&W on their support in the fight against breast cancer.  While Josh Sugarmann of VPC takes donations to pay his six figure salary, a gun company donates a portion of their profits to help save lives.  Do you really wonder who the good guys are here?