Are you a blogger?

Do you believe that new media such as blogs, podcasts, twitter, etc is changing both the face of the shooting sports and even the politics that surround the shooting sports?  Do you think people who believe that are full of it/themselves?  Either way, you should listen to tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio, live at 9pm Eastern time at  One of the focuses of the show is how NRA is reaching out to bloggers and trying to establish a solid presense in the new media, including working with bloggers at the 2ABlogBash and Bianchi Cup, as well doing a little blogging of their own at

To that end, we’ll be joined by Lars Dalsiede of NRA, who will be discussing NRA’s new media efforts and outreach on the General Operations side.  I make a specific note of that because General Ops people are not the NRA people to talk to about politics – they’re the shooting sports/Eddie Eagle/hunting programs guys, and that’s what we’ll be talking about when Lars is on the air.  There will be a time for political discussion…just not right then.  🙂

We also welcome bloggers and other new media publishers to call in share their experience – if there has ever been a time where you’ve personally witnessed the impact of new media on the political or shooting sports scene, we want you to share that with us.  Our call in number is the same as it’s always been, 347-539-5436, and we go live at 9pm Eastern time at!

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