Off to shoot some ICORE

This is going to be hilarious.  I was practicing dry firing and reloads with some snap caps and my borrowed revolver last night, and I swear to god I couldn’t figure out where the magazine goes in this gun.

Plus, I should note that an N-Frame revolver is “freakin’ huge” (that’s the technical term).  I was drawing and dry firing, then after a while I switched to my Tac-5 for practice with that, and let me tell you – if you ever want a double stack 9mm 1911 to feel light as a feather, hump a S&W 625 around for a bit.

I’ll let you know how the match goes!


  1. …I swear to god I couldn’t figure out where the magazine goes in this gun.

    It’s attached to the gun so you can’t lose it. 😀

  2. I know what you mean. I’ve yet to get the feel of the “Tap, rack, bang” drill on any wheelgun I’ve tried…

    It’s really complicated: What you have to do is… pull the trigger again. 😀

  3. It all makes sense once the trigger is pulled with a cylinder full of live rounds.

    And anyway, there’s no way that any handgun could be bigger than the new M&P. Once I was checking out a M&P at the shop, and the magazine seemed stuck. So I pulled out the magazine, rapped on the grip a couple of times, and a Glock and two J-Frames fell out.

  4. Wuss.

    You reciprocating slide guys are all alike; I figure looking at the rotating cylinder makes you dizzy.

    Seriously, work with it for a while. A wheelgun makes you think about what you’re doing, but only for a while. Then it becomes automatic. I’ve never seen anyone who spends time with a rotary not also improve their reciprocating skills.

    Oh – and practice reloads. A lot. Only one or two of us will ever rival Miculek, but after a dozen or so matches with the 625 you’ll be surprised just how fast you can refill it.

  5. Not trying to lead him to the Dark Side or anything, but the 625 eats out of moon clips, which is such a Great Big Cheater Advantage that IDPA puts wheelies that do so in a whole separate class… 😀

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