Build your own STI

Have you ever wanted a pistol built exactly to your specifications? You could get a double stack race gun, or a compensated single stack 9mm, or a .38 Super with a six inch target barrel…pretty much whatever you desire. The neat thing is that now, STI is giving you that ability with their new Custom Shop program.  It’s pretty simple – you fill out the form, send it it, send them your money, and then a while later you get a gun built exactly to your specifications.  If you do one of their polymer framed double-stack guns, you can even get a custom serial number on the gun, like Ahab001, or GlocksSuck001.

STI says that it’s only available for a limited time, so if you’re looking for an opportunity to built your dream 1911 from the ground up using quality parts from a quality shop, now is your chance.  If only I had unlimted funds…

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