Look what followed me home

Tam was kind enough to loan me a roundgun for this weekend’s ICORE match at Atlanta Conservation Club.  Not just any old revolver mind you, but a S&W 625-2 with a 5 inch barrel and a ramped front sight.

It has the Hogue wood stocks on it, which are a little big for my hands – if this wasn’t a loaner gun I get a similar stock from Hogue but sans the finger groves, which are an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. I’ve been dry firing the gun a bit in the evenings for practice, and thanks to having been shooting the Para LDA trigger for the past few months, have been able to manage the reset on the DA trigger just fine. The trick to keeping the front sight steady during rapid DA firing is to grip the gun 1000% tighter than I would a DA auto. I mean seriously, my grip in practice is to crush it until the front sight starts to shake, and then back off just a hair. This grip is why Jerry Miculek has those monster “Popeye” forearms.

Thanks go to Tam for loaning me the heater, and if you’re not doing anything this Saturday morning, why don’t you come on out to Atlanta Conservation Club for our first new and improved ICORE Match?

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  1. Nice!

    I was wondering what caliber it was so I Googled “625-2” and the first hit was Tam’s article about it from “The Arms Room” .

    Nice piece! Good luck!

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