CAA 870 Goodies

At The Firearm Blog, Steve has a link up to the new stock and forend from Command Arms for your Remington 870.  I took one look at that sexay rail-sporting forend and I immediately thought “oh man, now I can hang the Crimson Trace vertical grip on my 870″.  It’s probably one of the most tacticool and yet good ideas I’ve had in a while – sticking the integrated light/laser on a shotgun gives you the ability keep a more stable firing grip on your pump gun during CQB drills, as well as the obvious target designation of the Crimson Trace Light/Laser combo.

When I finally get around to doing that 870 build, you can be sure that those are the “must buy” list.


  1. Hot damn, they have one for the Mossberg 590.

    Thanks Caleb, I’ve been looking for one of those for the HD gun.

  2. Well, speaking from personal experience, I will never buy another CAA product. The sling plate on their AR-15 buttstock was sufficiently poorly formed that my charging handle could not charge. The buffer tube that came with the kit was too long, and would not allow the bolt to come back far enough for the catch to engage. And the magazine-holder that goes on the side of the buttstock does not keep a good grip on the magazine if you so much as tap the firearm to the front.

    For pistol grips on a shotgun, I cannot recommend Knoxx enough, and for a railed fore-end, I like this one: . The port and starboard rails even come off if you do not need them, and they hold up my flashlight rig quite well.

  3. CAA = Icky Fobus junk for the most part…

    Their AR battery compartment buttstocks have a rep of turning into free CR123 dispensers at carbine courses.

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