Once more on the stage of history

(Note: hardcore gamers will get that)

Today, I shoot the mover. Unfortunately, I don’t shoot it until 4PM this afternoon, which gives me some time to kill. I’ve been breaking down the scores posted so far, and it seems that the best scores in Production are in the 430 range. My goal is to crack the 400 mark on the mover today, which would go a long way towards keeping me out of last place. Tomorrow I shoot the plates as my last event, which is good because in practice it’s been my strongest event.

This evening, I should have some pictures of today’s match action to show you, assuming that the hotel’s wifi is working by then.

Again, keep checking here to see the updates I’m posting on my twitter feed!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’m scheduled to get totally pwnt at an M1 Carbine match this weekend.

    My Goal: Don’t come in last place.

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