Like Fenway Park kind of

Yesterday was my first full day at Bianchi Cup, and it was kind of an intense experience.  As I said on my brief appearance on last night’s Gun Nuts Radio the experience is rather unusual for most sports fans.  I’ve been reading about and watching Bianchi Cup since I was17 or 18, and then yesterday I was actually at the practice range shooting it.

Imagine if you will that you’re a baseball fan, and you’ve watched a certain team most of your life, then one day you’re not just watching that team, you’re taking batting practice with them.  It’s kind of like that, actually.

What’s impressed me  the most about all of this though is the community feeling that  this event has.  A lot of the shooters have shoot this many times, and everyone kind of knows everyone; there is kind of a feel of a big community picnic that surrounds this event.  At the same time, everyone has been tremendously welcoming of the self-identified “new guy”.

But there is also a championship to win, and you can feel that as well.  The shooters at this match are deadly serious – yes, we’re having fun, but guys like Bruce Piatt, BJ Norris, and Jerry Miculek are here to try and win this thing.

I’m heading out soon to go shoot my first events: The Practical and The Barricade.  After that, I hope to swing by the practice range and get a few rounds off at the mover again, as now that I’ve shot it once I kind of have a better idea of how to approach it than I did yesterday.

Again, check the Gun Nuts Radio Blog for cell phone pictures, and keep checking back here for my twitter feed updates!

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  1. Like Fenway? Does that mean there’s a giant Rosenthal-funded anti-gun billboard? 🙂

    Or is there a Green Monster? Or a giant Citgo sign? Either way, some kind of giant pro-gun billboard would be an awesome addition to make it a little more like a pro-gun Fenway.

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