Bianchi Today

It’s going to be a beautiful Tuesday in Columbia, and that means one thing for me: Practice Range. After I get registered and pick up my packet, have some coffee, etc; I’ll be heading out to the Green Valley club to hit their practice range so I can make a fool of myself on the mover. I’m terrified of this stage, I can’t even begin to explain the grip of fear that the Mover holds me in. While at the 10 yard stage all you have to do is fire six shots in six seconds; that alone isn’t that hard. However, I’ve never done six shots in six seconds at a target that was moving at 10 feet per second laterally across my field of vision. Should be interesting.

I’ll have more updates later on – keep following my twitter feed in the side bar, and the Gun Nuts Radio blog for mobile blogging from my crackberry!


  1. Have fun. I shot IDPA Spring Nationals there. Great range. Remember, Missouri recognizes all other CCW permits. 🙂

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