A Date with Destiny

129 – Giddings, Caleb

Match I: Practical Event Wed 5/20/2009 13:15
Match II: Barricade Event Wed 5/20/2009 14:30
Match III: Moving Target Event Thu 5/21/2009 16:15
Match IV: Falling Plate Event Fri 5/22/2009 13:00

That’s my competitor number, and match scheduling for Bianchi Cup. It’s nice to know that I’ll have basically ALL DAY Thursday to freak out about shooting the mover. I talked to Tom Hughes briefly this morning about the match, and apparently there are only 26 shooters in Production Division. Reading over the squadding, Dave Sevigny is shooting Metallic, but BJ Norris is slotted for Production (at least that’s what the paper says).

I’m just going to try and do what my wife told me to do: “Relax, and shoot ’em in the middle.”


  1. I liked my competitor number at the USPSA Area 1 Championship in 1998 better. It was 69.

    Good luck Caleb. And remember what Todd Jarrett taught us about shooting moving targets.

    These targets are faster so you do need to lead them but if you rotate from the waist/hips they aren’t really much different than stationary targets. Take enough time to get a clean trigger break and you’ll do fine.

  2. Oh, if you run into Guy Neill (who has probably shot in more Bianchi Cups than anyone else ever) say hi to him for me.

    It was Guy who was my first contact with the local club (Lewiston Idaho) and who told me what IPSC matches were all about. A few days later I was shooting IPSC using my Ruger P89 with Guy and a bunch of other really nice people.

  3. Good luck, try to spend some time visualizing what you are going to do. I always did better racing if I spent a few minutes doing the race in my head first.

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