Someone once asked me

“Hey Caleb, if you were thinking about taking a training class, would you go to Front Sight in Nevada?”  I said “no.”  I had my reasons, which included distance, cost, and that I’d rather to go to several other trainers/schools such as Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Tactical Response, or I.C.E.  The real cherry on the sundae of “why I won’t go to Front Sight” is this story though.

You want good training?  There are plenty of schools that aren’t having their assets seized by the government for failing to comply with a court order.

Update: PDB brings the Hateraede!


  1. I’m skeptical. I can’t find a single place where this is reported other than the Pahrump Valley Times, and it seems inconceivable to me that (for instance) the AP wouldn’t have so much as a single paragraph on this. For that matter, the Front Sight Litigation website ( doesn’t have anything on it, either. Last news we see there is the judge telling Piazza he’s got until May 1 to get new counsel.

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