T Minus 6 hours

Until Ruger’s “Big Reveal”.  What will it be?  A pump action shotgun?  An AR clone?  A 1911?  A medium framed revolver with a polymer frame?  Who knows?  Well, what I can tell you is that at 10am PST, check out DownRange.Tv for the update.  The show floor opens at 10am PST, and that’s when you’ll know what Ruger’s new toy is.  Lots of hints have been dropped across the web about what it is, but we’ll only know for sure today at 10am Pacific, which is in about 6 hours.


  1. You know, without the magazine safety, and assuming it would actually run all the time, the SR9 could/would give the M&P a run for its money in the “beating Glock” market. But as it is, all the goofy crap on the gun…

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