Speaking of ICORE

International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts matches are coming to Atlanta Conservation Club starting the last weekend in May (which would be May 30th).  I’m extremely excited about ICORE at Atlanta CC, in part because I’ll be helping organize and run the matches.  The way I see it, you cannot shoot too much action pistol, and getting a wheelgun into my hands will only be a good thing for me in the other sports.  Plus, I figure I can start shooting a revolver in IDPA competition for a while.

For my Indiana readers – if you’re interested in ICORE at Atlanta Conservation Club, keep watching this space for details and updates.  I’m going to be working with Jeff initially to get me up and running, but I definitely want to turn these matches into something that people will come out and shoot.  I’ll have updates on the state of Indiana ICORE as I get them, as well as match announcements for local and area majors.