Ruger SR-556

The new Ruger is here, and it’s an AR! Not just any vanilla AR though, the SR-556 utilizes a gas piston operating system as opposed to the traditional AR operating system. The guys at GunBlast have a pretty good first look at the gun here, and of course you can also check the gun out on Ruger’s website; which by the way is getting hammered right now with hits.

According to Ruger’s website, the gun comes from the factory with the following features:

  • 6 Position M4 style stock
  • Hogue Pistol Grip
  • 3 Magpul 30 round mags (that’s actually pretty cool)
  • Troy Industries iron sights (also cool)
  • It’s covered in rails (seriously, it’s a railfarm out there)

You get all of these features for an MSRP of $1995, although the actual price on shelves should come out to be a bit lower than that.

The new Ruger SR-556 is a serious entry from Ruger into the AR15 market. By going the “gas piston” route instead of the traditional AR operating system, they’re able to set themselves apart in a market cluttered with AR15 pattern rifles. No word on whether they’re going to just sell an SR-556 upper, however I’ve got my fingers crossed for that!

Update More here.

And here.


  1. I wonder how with its piston system this rifle will compare to the LMT and LWRC which is price range that it is in.

  2. If they just changed the Mini-14 design to take standard magazines, they’d probably sell a whole bunch. (And, while I’m at it, I’d like to see a bolt action rifle that takes STANAG magazines. Mwa ha ha ha.)

    Maybe they hope to win a military contract somehow…

  3. Just an FYI in case you missed it, the rail farm is from Troy Ind. as well.

  4. Well, color me unsurprised, and generally unimpressed… Sure, it is nice to have another AR-15 platform on the market, but they are, what, 30 years late to the party… though they are only a few years behind the curve on the piston system.

    At least now I know partially why PMags are so hard to find… I wonder how many were taken out of circulation for the 3-per-rifle deal.

  5. M&P15T + 3 PMags + Hogue Grip + fully chromed bolt for only about $100 (MSRP) more = Nice!

  6. I’d heard some people speculate that it couldn’t be an AR-15, because it would compete with their mini-14 design. But at that MSRP? I’d say they don’t have to worry about that…

  7. I can get Sebastian now, albeit s…l…oooo…w…l…y. He must have touched an SR9. 😀

  8. Whoa!!! The guys at GunBlast absolutely raved it! I mean, they hardly eve…oh, who am I kidding? They’d rave a Nambu if it crossed their paths.

    However, why is theirs green?

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  10. Why not retrofit your existing AR with an Adams Arms Piston System and save $1500.00?

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