Glock Sponsoring Bianchi Production Division

One more press release to round out the morning, Glock will be sponsoring and competiting in the new Production Division at the 30th Annual Bianchi Cup.

Dave Sevigny and Randi Rogers of Team GLOCK Shooting Squad will compete in the Production division using the very popular and winning GLOCK 34 pistol in 9×19, while Jessie Abbate will compete in the Open division with an S&J Custom GLOCK 17 designed specifically for Action Pistol competition.

The push that’s going towards getting new shooters into Bianchi Cup is fantastic.  As the press release says, Steel Challenge, USPSA, and IDPA enjoy tremendous participation in their Production/SSP divisions, with more shooters competing in those divisions than many of the others.  Bianchi’s Production division is a little more lenient than USPSA’s though, allowing for a wider array of firearms to be entered.  The main two qualifiers are that the gun has to have been or be a major catolog item, and not be a single action gun.

I leave for Bianchi Cup this Monday – during the time I’ll be blogging as much as I can here at GunNuts.Net, however I’ll also be using the mobile blogging software on my crackberry to post updates to the Gun Nuts Radio Blog.