Coming out

Last Monday, I started a new “real job”, working in an office with actual people.  I’m going to keep blogging and doing Gun Nuts Radio, don’t worry – it’s interesting trying to balance being a freelance writer, full time blogger, competitive shooter, and having a real job again.  Tuesday, I was talking to two of the ladies that I work with, and they asked me about where I was going to be next week (hint: Bianchi Cup).  Right there, I had two options – I could either hide what it is that I do, or I could be proud to be a gun owner and competitive shooter, and own it right there.

So, I told them that I’m going to Bianchi Cup to shoot a national championship pistol match; just to reinforce the whole “I’m a gun nut” I also have a signed picture of R. Lee Ermey with a Glock on my desk. It’s like I’ve said in the past – I don’t believe in hiding what it is that I do anymore. I am proud to be a shooter, and I’m proud to be involved in the shooting sports. I was able to broach the subject of being a gun owner without sending anyone into hysterics or tears; it turns out that one of the other people in my office is a gun owner, and her husband is an avid hunter and shotgunner.

Don’t hide who you are, and don’t hide your sport. Like Jim Scouten says: “Share your sport.”


  1. Like Jim Scouten says: “Share your sport.”

    Unless it’s long range rifles blowing up boxes. Then hide it.

  2. That’s why I have that Para USA calendar you gave me hanging in my office. It has elicited numerous comments, as well as a few occasions of people pawing through future months and saying, “ooooh, pretty”.

    Of course, most of the people I work are not only comfortable with guns, but have fired them at Bad Guys in the service of our nation.

  3. On Monday I have a new boss. As I was leaving work last night I was fretting on how to break the news to him and how he would take it. He hasn’t visited my office yet and when he does it will be obvious. Full page newspaper article on Boomershoot taped to the door, three Boomershoot cups on the desk. The cork-board has a Para calendar, a Boomershoot poster, a blackened piece of porcelain from the toilet we blew up last year, two white cardboard boxes (empty Boomershoot targets), the ATF ‘safe evacuation distances for car bombs” info, and the 18 round STI magazine I shot a hole through at the last USPA match. And that doesn’t even count the gun related shirts I usually wear. And if the local TV station broadcasts the Boomershoot video again? And then what if he finds my blog?!

    He’s going to find out. I’m going to be be proud and hope for the best.

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