Ammo I can actually find

Goex factory manufactured blackpowder ammo is actually available.  I was watching “Cowboys” on Outdoor Channel last night, and they were doing a show on the blackpowder shooters at your local cowboy matches – if you’ve ever shot Cowboy Action, you know these guys.  They’re the ones who literally create a fog of war when they pull the trigger, pumping out more smoke than noise with their revolvers, shotguns, and rifles.

With the whole “I can’t find ammo for anything”, it’s times like these I wish I hadn’t sold my revolver chambered for .45 Colt, because I’d actually be able to shoot that right now.  C’est la vie, I mean I can also find .38 Special ammo, but I don’t run any guns that chamber that.


  1. Richard – thanks for reading. Cowboys gets Tivo’d every Wednesday so I can watch it the next morning along with the other good shows on Outdoor Channel Wednesday night. I especially dug the shows on Western 3-Gun.

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