New From Ruger in 2009


According to Ruger’s website, at the 2009 NRA Annual Meetings, they will be unveiling a new product, which they’re billing as being in the lines of the SR9, LCP, and LCR – another “platform revolutionized”. Since I have no idea what they’re up to, I am commencing with wild speculation. Post your wild speculation in comments!

Caleb’s wild speculation: A medium framed revolver along the lines of their LCR – a polymer revolver that’s about the size of a S&W M&P revolver or something along those lines.


  1. I’m going to say a polymer 1911 (probably compact). A polymer Krinkov would be kind of cool, though.

  2. A AR-15 featuring a polymer lower, upper, fire control group, and barrel, firing polymer ammunition, and requiring a user made of some sort of polymer to fire it.

  3. I’m going with polymer single stack 1911 frame. I hope not though – I was hoping to cash in on that at some point in the future.

  4. They are going to revolutionize the striker fired polymer auto pistol!

    The polymer frame will be replaced with a high tech CAD/CAM metallic frame.
    The delicate striker will be replaced by a state of the art hammer actuated inertial firing pin system.
    The ground breaking Accu-Action will present a crisp and precise 4# trigger pull for every shot.
    Safety will be at the forefront with multiple safety systems: a manual thumb safety will instantly make the weapon safe without changing your grip. A new Smart Safety will disable the weapon when it is not in the shooter’s hand. And, finally, a firing pin block will prevent the weapon from discharging if dropped.
    For maximum concealability, the magazine and grip will be reduced in width. An innovative field replaceable grip surface will be available with nearly infinite options to the end user to select the texture and feel that suit them best.
    The pistol will initially be offered in .45 ACP with versions to follow in 9mm. 40 S&W and more.

    For my serious prediction: think pump shotty.

  5. Maybe they just bought out Stoeger’s handgun design. How fun is a Ruger Cougar? roogercooger!

  6. They’re saying “platform”… usually I hear that in reference to AR, sometimes 1911. But I’d really be surprised if Ruger went down either of those routes (not without a significant twist).

    But they’re auctioning off a prototype MiniXGI (.308). Could we be seeing a new .308 semi-auto from Ruger.

  7. Which platforms did the SR9 and Little Copycat Pistol “revolutionize”?

    If they could dust off a debugged XGI and get it to market for eight bills street price, they’d make a mint. Springfield’s had a captive market for too long…

  8. AR15 platform with collapsable stock, tac rails, forward and rear pistol grips, and forearm rail covers all made from walnut.

  9. Ohhh, ohhh, can I guess??

    Mini-14 replacer, a short-ish carbine, possibly a bullpup, that’s both accurate and takes AR magazines. Ruger’s own design, not an AR clone.

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