Gun Nuts – getting ready for the BlogBash

Last night’s Gun Nuts Radio Pre-BlogBash show certainly was fun, with calls from several of our long time listeners, and a lot of good advice given to Breda as she prepare to embark on her journey to Phoenix for the NRA Annual Meetings and 2nd Amendment BlogBash. Attendees of last year’s event called in with useful advice, such as “bring some business cards”, or “bring a rolling cart for all the fliers and stuff”, and that’s just a sample. If you’d like to listen to last night’s show, simply click here, or click on the Gun Nuts player/logo in the right sidebar. To download an .mp3 format copy, click this link to get the raw media file. As usual, I cannot stress enough how much you’re missing by not catching the live steam of the show – you could be calling in and sharing your thoughts with us, or simply playing the Gun Nuts Drinking Game.

If you’d like to download the show on your iTunes, simply go to the iTunes store and search for Gun Nuts Radio, or follow the instructions in this link to the podcast rss feed to your iTunes.

Next week, Breda will be hosting and recapping the NRA Annual Meetings, and I hope to be able to break away from Bianchi Cup activities long enough to get a call in to the show. It should be a fun combo of Bianchi Cup info, BlogBash anecdotes, and all around good times. That’s Tuesday the 19th at 9pm Eastern – be there live!