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My goodness, it’s Tuesday already. A week from today I’ll be in Columbia, MO for the 30th Anniversary NRA Bianchi Cup. How time has flown, as it seems like only yesterday we had Tom Hughes from NRA on Gun Nuts Radio to talk to us about Bianchi Cup. I am tremendously excited about getting to shoot this match – it has been a personal goal of mine to compete in Bianchi ever since I first heard about the match in 2001. Eight years later, I’m getting to achieve that goal.

Someone asked me the other day why I’m practicing for Bianchi if I don’t expect to win; since Dave Sevigny and a lot of pro-shooter types are going to be shooting in Production. Well, just because I don’t expect to win doesn’t mean that I don’t want to give it my best run – I’m an IDPA shooter by trade, and the practice for Bianchi Cup (which involves a lot of tightly controlled shots under strict time limits) has improved my IDPA game as well. Those long, tight shots that you sometimes get on matches used to be my least favorite thing, but as I practice for Bianchi Cup I find I’m less intimidated by the concept of a 20 yard shot at an IDPA target.

Starting next Monday, it’s going to be an “all Bianchi Cup” week, not unlike my SHOT SHOW coverage. Hopefully, I’ll even manage to get pictures posted live from the event, if I can convince the technology shamans to let my Sony camera interface with my Eee PC. We shall see in that regard.

My biggest fear? Shooting the mover. For some reason, I have created a monster out of the mover, a beast which haunts my dreams…lurking…waiting to dash across my view in 6 seconds while I fumble at my holster like a high school freshman at a girl’s bra strap. You know, or something like that.


  1. Besides, if you win something, pdb has to kiss a hobo. That’s powerful motivation right there…

  2. Why practice if you don’t expect to win?

    ‘Cause shooting IDPA/USPSA/Bianchi is fun, and losing with style is a heck of a lot more fun than losing poorly, that’s why.

    I can live with myself if I don’t get double-alphas on each target, but losing because I had FTE’s or procedurals messes me up something bad.

  3. Have fun here in Columbia, I couldn’t get time off to go watch the matches this year but I hope you enjoy it.

    As always, when in Columbia, hit up Shakespeares for pizza, Booches for burgers, and Sycamore for some great food with a great beer selection.


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