I should probably be glad

Back in early February when I was cruising IDPA.com looking for major matches to attend this year, I had thought about making the drive down to South Carolina to shoot in the SC State Championship. Unfortunately, as often happens, life interfered and prevented my attendance. In retrospect, this was probably a good thing, as I would have only experienced crushing defeat at the hands of Bob Vogel and Team EOTAC.

Bob Vogel, a police officer from Wapakoneta, Ohio, won the Stock Service Pistol title, finished high overall and led Team EOTAC to a total of five titles at the South Carolina IDPA State Championship held April 25 in Gaston, S.C.

If you go on to read the entire press release, Team EOTAC won Stock Service Pistol, Enhanced Service Pistol, and Custom Defensive Pistol in the main match, as well as Bob taking top LE honors and the best overall match score.