Gun Nuts Tonight: BlogBash!

Tonight will be Breda’s last show before the 2nd annual 2ABlogBash and NRA Annual Meetings in Phoenix.  As such, the focus of tonight’s show will be the 2ABlogBash, past and present.  Starting at 9pm Eastern time (as always), Breda and I will be talking about what she hopes and expects to see at the Bash/Meetings, as well as some highlights from last year.

If you attended the NRA Annual Meetings or 2ABlogBash last year and would like to share you thoughts on the event, please join the conversation live by calling 347-539-5436 after 9pm Eastern time!  Also, we want to hear from you – what do you want Breda to see/do at the show, what kind of coverage do you want to hear about on Gun Nuts from her?  Call in to the above number to suggest topics, booths, and items of interest that you’d like to see covered from the NRA Annual Meetings and 2ABlogBash.

But to do that, you have to listen live to Gun Nuts Radio tonight at 9pm Eastern time at!


  1. 9 Eastern is suppertime at our house, so listening live won’t be in the cards for me, but I will download the podcast as usual.

    Two days!

  2. Last year I watched the first day on then drove down the next day to see the exhibit hall then watched the rest of the speeches at home. I felt like I saw more of the whole picture that way.

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