Smith & Wesson 686SSR

Do want.  Do want very, very much.  The new Smith & Wesson 686SSR Pro Series revolver is now available according to S&W’s website.

  • Forged Hammer
  • Forged Trigger
  • Chamfered Charge Holes
  • Custom Barrel with Recessed Precision Crown
  • Bossed Mainspring
  • Ergonomic Grip to Force High-Hand Hold, Tuned Action
  • The Smith & Wesson Pro Series are the next step up from the production line while still remaining true to “Stock”. Bringing competition specifications and features to factory models, the Pro Series offer that ready-to-go package while still maintaining production line integrity.

It’s a 6 shot .357 Magnum built on the 686 frame, and as you can see from the feature list above, it comes from the factory “tuned-up” for competition shooting.  The “SSR” stands for Stock Service Revolver, which is one of IDPA’s competitive divisions, and a division in which this revolver is practically purpose built for.  I’m not much of a wheelgun shooter, but if I were given the opportunity to attack some IDPA with a wheelgun, this would be my top choice for an “off the shelf gun”.  S&W pretty much owns the competition revolver market, and guns like this are exactly why.


  1. I wish they’d get the message with that damn internal lock.

    I sent my message, the ONLY new gun I’ve ever bought was my 642 with no internal lock.

    I doubt it’ll ever be sold used either.

  2. My girlfriend bought one last year, It’s the best standard (not performance center) Smith in 50 years.

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