Kel-Tec RFB Shipping!

The ultimate answer in search of a question, the Kel-Tec RFB bullpup .308 rifle is actually shipping. Having heard so much about this rifle, I will believe it when I actually see it.

On the bright side, it takes FN FAL magazines, which are relatively easy to find right now. If it runs well, it might not be a bad rifle for Heavy Metal division in 3-gun…but first we’ve got to get them into the hands of shooters and see if they can handle the abuse of a 3-gun match.


  1. That F2000-style Forward ejection just strikes me as a MAJOR point of failure. I’ve seen a few FNH F2000s running around, and I’ve never seen one choke. But that lazy long-channel ejection just doesn’t pass my sniff test.

  2. Unless I miss my guess, that looks like it might be MA (AWB) compliant. IIRC, though, Kel-Tec wanted some insane amount of money for it, though; like more than a standard Springfield M1A…

    We’ll see. I need a .308 battle rifle with magazines more common than LA virgins…

  3. Weer’d Beerd,

    My thoughts exactly. It stuffs the empties down a long,skinny tube and out a little trap door? What could possibly go wrong with that?

    Y’know who never designed a gun with a doofy ejection setup like that? That’s right; John Moses Browning, that’s who.

  4. Also, I’m not too keen on the idea of having the chamber of a George Kelgren-designed .308 tucked under my right ear. Call me a chicken, but…

  5. Tam – Chicken butt 😛 They have some (I don’t recall the site that shows it) fancy steel shielding for face protection to cover your concern.

  6. The ejection tube of similar design was used on all Maxim machine guns, and these had gone through both World Wars in every theatre of operations and are considered one of the most reliable machine guns ever.

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