Gun Nuts Radio: Steel Challenge!

Did you listen to last night’s Gun Nuts Radio about the Steel Challenge? If you didn’t, luckily for you, you can go ahead and click the link above to be taken directly to the show page, or click the “Gun Nuts” logo in the side bar to be taken there as well. If that’s not your kettle of fish, you can also download an .mp3 copy by clicking this link.

Special thanks to Dave Thomas from USPSA for coming on last night and sharing information about Steel Challenge with us, especially for giving us some info on the budding Scholastic Steel Challenge. If you’d like to listen to last night’s episode on iTunes, you can subscribe to our feed by following the instructions here, or by going to the iTunes store and searching for Gun Nuts Radio.

In the upcoming weeks we’ve got three great shows scheduled, so don’t miss out. First up on May 12th, Breda will be running the webcam feed and we’ll be talking about the upcoming NRA Annual Meetings/2ABlogBash, which she’ll be attending in Phoenix. Then on the 19th, provided the timing works out, in addition to wrapping up coverage of the BlogBash, I should be able to squeeze a “Live from Bianchi Cup” show in the schedule. Then finally on May 26th, we’ve got Rob Pincus, founder of ICE Training and co-host of The Best Defense on the Outdoor Channel. May is locked and loaded for Gun Nuts Radio, so don’t miss out!

Also, one last thing – if you’re not catching the live feed, you’re missing out. Yes, the podcast is a good way to hear the show, but when you don’t listen live, you miss the antics in the chatroom, and you miss the live webcam feed. Trust me – for the full experience, you should listen live. Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time!