Team Glock wins 5 titles at Area 6 Championships

Which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since the Area 6 championship is in Glock’s backyard.

In the first USPSA Area championship of the season, team captain Dave Sevigny led Team GLOCK to victory at Area 6 by winning the Production division and Area 6 championship. Jessie Abbate won the High Lady Limited division and Area 6 High Lady title, while Randi Rogers won the High Lady Limited-10 title. The tournament was held at the South River Gun Club in Covington, Georgia on April 17-19.<

Also, if you read the whole presser, you’ll find that GlockUSA has a Youtube Channel, which is actually pretty forward thinking of them. One of the videos is of Dave posting the fastest match time (including Limited and Open guns) on the “Field of Steel” stage at the Area 6 championship. Dave’s using a Production gun, so that makes beating the Open guns and Limited guns even more impressive.

Team Glock will also be shooting Production Division at Bianchi Cup this year. Dave is (obviously) known for going FAST in IDPA and USPSA, so I’m interested to see how well he does in Bianchi Cup; where the emphasis is more on accuracy than speed. For the record, I think he’ll probably finish in the top 3 in Production division – you don’t get as good as he is without being accurate as well.