Aww, real sad

Josh Sugarmann is a sad, sad panda. Why is Josh a sad panda? Well, it’s because his new man-crush hasn’t returned his calls for 100 days:

Yet on Capitol Hill and in the White House, the response remains for the most part muted. Citing the perceived power of the National Rifle Association, calls for increased gun controls are dismissed on Capitol Hill as being unrealistic. With the selection of Eric Holder as Attorney General and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, President Obama made it clear that his cabinet choices would not be determined by who the NRA attacks on the covers of its magazines. And the administration did derail an NRA-backed effort to allow the carrying of concealed handguns in national parks. But now even AG Holder finds himself in the surprising position of citing the NRA’s catch-all solution to gun violence: enforce the gun laws on the books.

Poor, poor Josh. All dressed up and no one to dance with. You know, maybe when Obama fixes the economy, cures swine flu, wins the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, gives us all free health care, and then does whatever else it is that the left wants, maybe then he’ll get around to gun control. Don’t worry though, Josh – we still love you, albeit because you make us laugh.

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