Interview with Mike Esposito

Cam Edwards of NRA News has a very revealing interview with Mike Esposito, the teacher who is taking his students to Albany to lobby for more gun control.  In three parts presented here:

I think the most telling part is that when Cam confronts him on the issues, Mike actually doesn’t know the definition of some of the things he’s lobbying for, getting ammunition encoding and microstamping confused. The entire interview is a rather fascinating look into the mind of someone so dogmatically committed that he can’t even acknowledge opposing opinions.


  1. Folks like this, very passionate about…..something, even if its backwards, are very common in the public schools.

    Scary and frustrating. He seems to think all NRA member are racist militia members. As a NRA Life Member and National Match team shooter from Texas I find that very insulting.

  2. Ron, I left my thong at your house last night, please return it. Had a great time. Justin

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