1. Seriously, you could (and I did) load a mech up with nothing but the standard MGs, and it was more effective than an AC/2. Talk about a whacky damage model.

  2. The whole 3025-tech AC series was ineffective. Note that EVERY high-tech variant of the AC series is more efficient in every way than the 3025 ACs. The AC/2 is actually not the worst offender IMHO (it is at least light enough to put onto a scout mech as a primary weapon and threaten another mech in the same class – replace the Commando’s weapon fit with an AC/2 and send it after the Locust/Stinger/Wasp). Compare the AC/5 to the PPC and you understand why I vastly prefer the SHD-2K to the -2H, for example.

    (Yes, I am geeky enough to be able to spot obscure variants of battlemechs).

    Now, if you’re talking about the computer game series there’s additional factors 🙂

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