Protip: Don't be that guy

You’re probably wondering “what guy” it is that you shouldn’t be? The following videos, captured from what archeologists will someday use to discern the true meaning of western culture, demonstrate what guy you should not be. Don’t be that guy that hands his girlfriend a .476 Heffalump Magnum, gives her little to no instruction, and then stands back and laughs as she inevitably gets whacked around. Even worse is when the girl commits a safety violation because her idiot boyfriend didn’t bother to explain fun things like muzzle control and trigger discipline.

For example, in the following video, some one has provided the young lady with a muzzleloader. A heavy muzzleloader. This same person also failed to inform said young lady that sometimes the lock time on a muzzleloader can be…delayed. As such, by the time the gun actually goes off, the muzzle is pointed into the dirt, and the shooter no longer has control of the weapon.

Our next subject provides someone with a short barreled .500 Magnum, and then is amused when the monster recoil and torque from the gun causes her to bean herself in the forehead with it.

Aaaaaanddd to wrap things up, the last item on our list involves a young lady, who thankfully is wearing ear and eye protection doing something rather unsafe. You’ll have to click on the link to watch this one, as embedding is disabled for this video.

Now, this is the part where I qualify my statements. I’m relatively certain that there are just as many incidents of men getting injured by firearms or acting unsafe, but for whatever reason most guys don’t record their friends getting injured and post them on the internet. I guess it’s only funny when it happens to a girl.

The moral of the story is as said above: don’t do that. It doesn’t just hurt your girlfriend or make you look like a jerk, but it hurts the shooting sports as well. Those videos are on the internet for anyone to find – say some young woman or man is interested in shooting and finds one of those. What impression is that going to leave him or her about our sport? Certainly not a good one. Whenever you post something gun related on the ‘net, whether you intend to be or not, you have made yourself an ambassador for all gun owners. You’re representing every single one of us with your moronic shenanigans, and as such making it harder for us to bring new shooters into the sport.


  1. Do you want people to read your blog and consider it a serious one? Tricking them is not the way to do it.

  2. I’m guessing that Overload in CO checked his sense of humor at the door. Too bad, because we also do jokes here.

  3. you are absolutely right, i got my wife who was not anti gun but definately not pro gun to like shooting and now she owns 2 guns.

    p.s. rick roll was awesome

  4. OK, I’m going to say Caleb is a PAB for the RR, but I stepped into with no Tactical awarenes, so he gets the win.

    One of the videos that was on the side was interesting though. the girl is going through different calbers of handguns to show the size and power difference.

    When shooting the Glock, you can see the brass come back and get lodged in her low top shirt. I will give her kudos for keeping the muzzle down range and keeping her finger out of the trigger whilst fishing down her top. Granted she should have safed and laid down the weapon, she did better than most in that situation.

    Once again Caleb, kudos on the RR and hope to see you at the Blogmeet on Sunday.

  5. Beware of selection effects. The sorts of people who take friends to the range, warn them to dress properly, teach them how to be safe, how to use the gun, etc. don’t make videos to mock people’s mistakes. We tell them to put the gun down and then help them.

    I got hit by a riflescope at boomershoot, my own fault. Started to say “funny thing was…” and got back, from an ex-colonel – “Nothing funny about it…”

    Most of us aren’t that guy, and I guess the real thing is to put up other material that points out this is cad behavoir.

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