Party like it's 1773

Like we said, party like it’s 1773 with the Gun Nuts Tea Party Show. Last night’s show featured call ins from attendees of Tea Parties in Texas, Florida, Ohio, and a couple others. It was as usual, the fastest hour on the internet just zoomed by, with great discussion on the topic of Tea Parties, going armed, and the general motivation and mindset of the participants. The actual reports from attendees run pretty contrary to the negative reporting you may have heard in the media. But you don’t have to take my word for it, because you can listen to the Tea Party Show by clicking that link. If you’d like to download an .mp3 copy of the show, that’s as easy as clicking here. Or you can click the Gun Nuts Logo on the right, and be taken directly to the show page which automatically updates with each show. While you’re there, check out our sponsored Amazon link this week: The Federalist Papers.

If you’re interested, you can also download Gun Nuts Radio on iTunes, by following the instructions in the link. Join us next week, as we take a look at the ammo shortage, supply and demand, and other issues immediately affecting shooters!


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