Food Column

Since I try to keep this blog “on topic” of firearms, gun related politics, and the shooting sports, I’ve largely shelved blogging about my other interests, one of which is FOOD.  Coming from a restaurant background, I’ve always been a big time foody, and as I’ve gotten older it’s only gotten worse.  So it’s only natural that I’d get myself an column in the Indy Metro edition, talking about my favorite food of all time: the hamburger.  It’s going to be a M-W-F column, with each Friday having a “where I’ll be eating a burger this week” feature (which should hopefully start next Friday).  I’ll also have features on “do it yourself burgers”, where to find certain kinds of burgers in Indy, well kept secrets, and restaurant reviews.  Bookmark it, subscribe to it, do whatever – but if you’re a foody or just like burgers, check it out.


  1. Boogie Burgers!

    Bobbi and I ate there Monday. They are teh awesome, and located conveniently at the mystic corner of Westfield and Westfield.

  2. If you like burgers you need to check the website “A Hamburger Today” for all your favorite places and other burger info.

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