The IDPA Classifier

In less than a minute.

To rip a line from Maverick (the movie with Mel Gibson): “Was that fast? I thought that was fast. Did you think that was fast?” Yes. That was fast. The bar for getting into Master Class in stock service pistol (since he’s shooting a Beretta Elite) is about 98 seconds…so he’s almost 40 seconds faster than the “minimum” requirement for Master Class. That’s fast, no matter where you’re from.


  1. isn’t IDPA a concealed weapons thing? shouldn’t he be wearing a concealment garment?

    1. Yes, but the classifier is considered a “standards” course, and concealing garments are not required for the classifier.

  2. Caleb,

    I had to look twice at the video because I don’t know of many IDPA shooters who use a Beretta 92 and who are that good. I went to and sure enough, the same video is linked on his site. It is Ben.

    Ben is a Master class IDPA shooter and a USPSA Grand Master who lives in Eau Claire, WI. I will be taking a two day competitive shooting course from him in a couple of weeks with four other people from my IDPA club, Twin Cities IDPA. I can’t wait.

    It’s fun to watch a really good shooter, isn’t it?

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