Oppose the Inter-American Arms Treaty

Sebastian has a good rundown of the danger that’s before us if the Inter-American Arms Treaty, also known as CIFTA is ratified by the Senate. We’re already signatories to this thing, thanks to President Clinton, but the Senate has failed to ratify the treaty after 12 years. I’m encouraging everyone to contact your Senators and express your opposition to the ratification of a treaty which would further infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Here is NRA’s statement on the treaty:

The NRA is well aware of the proposed Organization of American States treaty on firearms trafficking, known by its Spanish initials as CIFTA. The NRA monitored the development of this treaty from its earliest days, but contrary to news reports today, the NRA did not “participate” at the meeting where the treaty was approved.

The treaty does include language suggesting that it is not intended to restrict “lawful ownership and use” of firearms . Despite those words, the NRA knows that anti-gun advocates will still try to use this treaty to attack gun ownership in the U.S. Therefore, the NRA will continue to vigorously oppose any international effort to restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding American gun owners.

I’ve contacted Senator Lugar and Senator Bayh indicating my strong opposition to the ratification of the Inter-American Arms Treaty – I of course encourage you to do the same.