Looking for Ammo?

If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of not being able to find any ammo anywhere, whether it’s .45 you’re looking for, or 9mm, no one has anything. No one except for FrangibleBullets.com, that is. I buy all my match ammo from FrangibleBullets. If you go to the store, you’ll see they have two different types of frangible ammo. The first type is made by Wagner Accu-Swage, usually on once fired brass. It makes great practice ammo, and I use it for exactly that purpose because it’s about the same price as regular ammo. The second type is my “match” ammo – the rounds manufactured by International Cartridge Corporation. I use these for matches, because they’re made to a very high standard of consistency in the components. Those are more expensive than regular rounds, but they’re also excellent ammo. If you’re looking for some ammo, check out my friends at www.frangiblebullets.com!


  1. Actually, the .45 ACP stuff will make major in USPSA. Unless you were looking at the .40 S&W ammo, in which case you’re right.

  2. Wow… it is available, but that isn’ t that great of a deal…

    375.00 per case + Shipping?

    Ammoman had 329.00 per case incl. shipping.

    Still, it beats NOT shooting, eh?

  3. Check out the prices on the Wagner Accu-swage ammo. You’ll find it’s a little closer to your liking.

    But yes, it does beat not shooting.

  4. Do most matches require frangible ammo these days? I thought I had hear quite a few were asking shooters to move to fully encased bullets (TMC) to help reduce lead vapors.

    I ordered some samples from FrangibleAmmo.com recently and it all looks like top quality stuff. (9mm, 357, 223, and 45acp)

  5. Woof. I think I will manage just fine with FMJ, especially considering that I have yet to shoot a steel target.

  6. If the popper is calibrated for minor, yes the frangible stuff will knock it over. For 9mm, I use the 100 grain rounds from International Cartridge Corporation – they’re doing 1250 fps so they’ve got enough juice to take that popper down.

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