Someone's got a little crush!

Aww, look guys! It’s the first ever documented case of Sebastian Derangement Syndrome. It’s just like when I was in 3rd grade and I’d throw mud at the girls I liked. Gosh, they grow up so fast, don’t they?

Also, while the original post itself is pretty funny, some of the comments are even better. My favorite is from “Sean”, who says the following:

I don’t do pretty. My wife does that. I don’t own, nor would I own, something like that. It smacks of rot, decay, and corruption. It’s one of the reasons our Republic is on the wane. Too gilt-edged, too pretty and fancy. I’ll take the woods and the mud and rain in my face anyday. I don’t mind clean and neat. Just keep useless crap like that away from me.

So Sean, if you don’t “do” pretty, but your wife does, and you keep “pretty” away from you, does that mean your wife is uh…lonely?


  1. Wow. Absolutely no ability to recognize that even gun nuts might not care to decorate their home with guns and knives. I can also totally see the press having a field day with “Gun owner stabbed with NRA commemerative knife.”

    If I do end up stabbed in my own home with one of my own knives, I’d at least prefer it to be some non-descript knife from the kitchen over something with NRA, GOA, etc. written all over it.

  2. After Mike Vanderwhatthefuck took it upon himself to write a grade-school caliber thesis psychoanalyzing my chosen internet moniker, I realized that he really is not worth even paying attention to.

    Further examples of the pettiness of he and his followers only solidifies that fact.

  3. Vanderboner sure does enhance Alabama’s reputation, doesn’t he?

    Next, he’ll complain about people who glue Lego sets together.

  4. Actually, its Ole Demon Legion (Linoge) aka Mr. Universe who has a crush on me. He’s destined to be lonely and frustrated, poor boy. 😉

  5. mikev(“I know you are, but what am I!?”);

    *snickers* “Third grade” might be giving him a bit too much credit, Caleb.

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