We ain't got no place to go

So let’s listen to Gun Nuts Radio, tonight at 9pm Eastern time! This evening’s show will be a discussion of self-defense tactics, training, and gear; all of which is especially timely in light of the recent public shootings. One of the topics we’ll be discussing will be ABC’s recent “experiment”, where they set a bunch of students up to fail at defending themselves from an armed shooter. We’ll address what you can do in that situation to increase your odds of survival.

Joining us for tonight’s show will be self-defense and firearms instructor James Yeager, of Tactical Response, a training school located in lovely Tennessee. James will be live on the air, talking to use about tactics and training, and hopefully imparting some of his experience on to Breda, our listeners, and me. You can join the conversation as well – all you have to do if you have a question for James or us, a comment on self-defense, or anything along those lines is call in. Without callers, the show gets pretty dry, so join the conversation by calling us 347-539-5439! Don’t forget, we’re live at 9pm eastern time at www.blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts!


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