Talk about fail

Yesterday, I went in search of a nearly mythical creature, namely 200 grain semi-wadcutter ammo.  I would have been content with finding some none-plus P 185 grain ammo as well, as my goal was to find a light target load that would effectively cycle my .45 ACP 1911s.  The goal here is to find a lead bullet that I can use “across the board” – in IDPA for CDP, USPSA for L10/Single Stack, and in SASS for Wild Bunch Division.

I kept my search yesterday to the major outlets, Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc – I even included Meier and Wal-Mart on my stops just to see if they had anything.  Unfortunately for me, it was like looking for water in Lake Los Angeles – you heard there used to be a lake there, but you’ve never seen it, and neither has anyone you know.  There was literally no .45 ACP ammo around.  230 grain hardball?  Gone.  185 grain +p+ Deathray?  Gone.  Someone had even bought up all of the Glaser safety slugs at Gander Mtn.

However, my search doesn’t end there.  Today, I’m expanding to hit up the local gun shops.  I’ll hit three of them today, Beech Grove Firearms, KS&E Sports, and Wyatt’s Sporting Goods up in Cicero.  If between those three places I can’t find what I’m looking for, then tomorrow I’m going to make the drive out to Bob’s place in Plainfield and see if they have anything.  While I’m at it, I’ll also be looking for a target stand and some NRA Action Pistol targets for a little bit of Bianchi Cup practice.


  1. The problem with 185/200gr SWC is that the major manufacturers only load it in their premium, ‘spensive target lines. (Federal’s is in their “Gold Medal Match” line and costs two arms and one leg/50rd box).

    My most consistent source for it over the years has been Georgia Arms.

  2. Since you compete, what has kept you from getting into reloading? I originally started into it a few years ago because, as a nuclear engineer, it is physically impossible for me to not bask in my inner geekdom, regardless of how “manly” the hobby may stereotypically be. Having a friend who already did it to show me the ropes didn’t hurt either.

    When I started, I only shot 9mm (zero savings compared to buying Winchester 100rd value packs) and .45 (maybe a $0.05/rd savings). So I couldn’t pretend that I was doing it to save money. But now, I can make nice quality ammo for about $0.25/rd with my .45 1911. Make a thousand rounds at that rate and you’ve basically paid for the press. You could probably even make that thousand rounds in less time than you’ve spent hunting for ammo.

    Granted, the last two times I placed orders with Cabellas, everything I ordered was out of stock. But the backorder only lasted a week.

  3. I’ve got to agree with Laughingdog…

    If you’re shooting straight ahead 9 or 40, it’s one thing and buying white box is probably a good idea, however, if you’re getting obscure, like your .38 super or .45 wads, it might be time to reload.

    Granted, just like shooting, there is a right way, a wrong way and a max power way to do it…

    What does Enos say about reloading??

  4. If Caleb would spot me some .45ACP dies or components, he could be part of The People’s Reloading & Recycling Collective #4600…

  5. The real reason I don’t reload right now is because up until just recently, I didn’t have the free time to so do. I’ve got some rounds on backorder from MidwayUSA, hopefully they’ll come in a reasonable amount of time.

  6. I have a box in my closet, i can’t remember when i got it however my XD hates it. I use it for malf drills.

  7. You know, now I’m almost tempted to edit that Wiki article. But only almost.

  8. It’s early risers like me snagging all your ammo. I can find .45ACP if I’m there *right* when the store opens. Even a half-hour late, and it’s all gone.

    I’m set for the near future, but I check every time I walk in. It’s amazing how quick 2,000 rds will go.

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