There are no words

Now you too can spend more on the sights for your gun than the gun itself cost!  All you have to do is buy a set of genuine Novak sights…for your CZ52.

Before anyone gets too nuts, I love Novak sights.  I think they’re the bees knees, and I put them on guns whenever I can – both of my serious competition guns wear Novaks, and one of the critera for guns that I buy is “can I get Novaks for this”.  But come on, Novak sights on a CZ52?


  1. The CZ-52 leaves a LOT to be desired. Horrible Trigger, Ergonomic nightmare, I HATE heal magazine releases, cheap firing pins ect ect.

    But the sights on the ’52 are REALLY nice. Fast clean picture. Maybe a hair high for CCW use….but seriously, would you want one of those commie bricks in your holster?

  2. Nothing new, and not really uncommon

    Eotechs on M500s and Rem870s
    ACOGs on DMPS M4gery’s

    not to mention $2k Nightforce scopes on many a Rem700 PSS or Savage 10FP

    Some Crimsontrace grips run more than the gun as well.

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