Winchester 1885 Single Shot Rifle

According to The Firearm Blog Winchester is once again manufacturing the 1885 Single Shot rifle in a multitude of configurations. Do you know who designed that gun?

It’s available in a wide variety of flavors as well, with something for everyone.

  • .45-70
  • .50-90 Sharps
  • .38-55
  • .405 Win.
  • .30-40 Krag
  • .32-40
  • .45-90

I’ve always had a soft spot for single shot rifles, with a Ruger #1 being on my list of “get” rifles for quite some time.  However, the concept of getting an 1885 in .30-40 Krag and running around like I’m out fighting Indians in the Black Hills is, well completely awesome.


  1. Actually, you get the .30-40 one, have it rechambered to .30-40 Krag Ackerly Improved. Straight case wall, 40 degree shoulder.

    For extra credit, fireform the brass using .303 British cases. Then the blasting can begin. This is the rifle that Quigley should have had with him.

    All blessings upon Saint John Moses Browning

    Totally want.

  2. I love my H&R in .17 i really want one in 45-70.

    i do have a sweet spot in my heart in 30-40 krag

  3. I’ve killed a lot of deer, including this year’s with a Ruger #1 single shot in 7X57 mauser. Never needed a follow-up.

  4. Peter said:
    “For extra credit, fireform the brass using .303 British cases.

    This is so sad. 25 years ago, people formed cases for the .303 from all the Krag brass on hand. Now 30-40 Krag brass is like a conservative politician. People say they exist, some claim to know where some are but no one can show you any.

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